Dr Gillian Squirrell


Thank you for checking out my website. 

Here you will find some details of my key areas of work: Research, Evaluation, Community Engagement, Consultancy and Coaching.  I work with non-profits, government and government funded agencies, and social entrepreneurs with a strong values base in social justice, animal and environmental well-being.

I have a deep and rich background in the areas of social justice and welfare and the Human-Animal Bond. 

I work with organizations and at program and project levels and with individuals.  On the following pages you will find out more about the ways in which I work with transformation, change and emergence in organization and with individuals, conduct social research and undertake evaluations. 

Micro Sites

Because of the range of my interests and expertise I have created several micro-sites which discuss particular projects or are devoted to particular types of work.  You'll find signposts to these throughout the following pages.  Please contact me for more information.