Dr Gillian Squirrell

Dr Gillian Squirrell

A broad based social scientist with a commitment to taking social action.  She is committed to evidence informed practice and to increasing stakeholders' participation in organizational development work, evaluation and community development projects. 

Gillian works with methodologies such as Action Learning and Action Research, Ethnography and Life Histories, as well as leading more traditional designed evaluations and research projects, using a variety of survey, sampling and interview tools.

With degrees in areas as diverse as criminal justice, non-profit management and canine science she has laid down a rich and trans-disciplinary foundation for research and for program evaluations.  Gillian Squirrell has had many years of professional experience as a senior manager, director, curriculum developer, research and evaluation designer and social entrepreneur.  She has founded several non-profit organizations and programs in addition to working within higher education in the a UK and US and running a successful consultancy.

Gillian's commitments are to working with social justice and welfare non-profits and non-profits supporting human-animal interactions and values aware micropreneurs. 

Gillian is a trained, certified and experienced coach. Has undertaken formal MBA management training and more co-active and relational leadership training.  She has skills as a trainer and group facilitator,   Action Learning set facilitator, as well as delivering custom designed workshops.

A selection of Employers, Contractors and Clients

  • Alone in London, UK
  • Arts Council of England
  • Believe, UK
  • Berkshire DAT, UK
  • Brighton University, UK
  • Bristol City Council, UK
  • CARD, UK
  • C-FAR, Exeter, UK
  • California Human Development, US
  • Carr Gomm Housing Society, UK
  • Design Council, UK
  • Greenhouse Schools Project, West London
  • Group4 Securitas, UK and Australia
  • HM Prison Service
  • Humane Society University, US
  • Look Ahead Housing, UK
  • National Co-ordinating Center for Public Engagement, UK
  • National Council of Voluntary Organizations, UK
  • Pecan, Peckham, London
  • Premier Prisons, UK
  • PrisonLink, Birmingham, UK
  • Qualification and Curriculum Authority
  • Royal Society
  • Royal Society of Arts
  • Slough Primary Care Trust/DAAT
  • Sonoma Humane Society
  • South Thames TEC
  • St Vincent's Housing Learning and Guidance
  • Thames Valley University
  • UKDS
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Oxford
  • Welcome Trust
  • Women in Prison