Dr Gillian Squirrell


I work as a process consultant with organizations and programs.  This means not coming in as an expert and offering top down solutions, but working with the knowledge individuals within organizations have and generating solutions and strategies from within.  

I have a expert knowledge in various substantive areas, methodologies and skills areas. I consult with organizations and programs on: 

  • developing agile and multi-dimensional leadership
  • meaningful community engagement practices
  • participatory practices
  • working with culture change in organizations and programs
  • working with change and the take up of change strategies
  • using methodologies such as action learning and action research and creating communities of interest
  • creating participation and engagement activities as part of a program of change in communities
  • developing evaluation strategies and working to create internal appetite and capacity for evaluation of programs
  • working on refining or refocusing organizational vision
  • working with organizational leadership, vision and communication
  • working on start-up and development with non-profits
  • working on program retirement and closure or merging sections within organizations
  • undertaking strategic reviews of programs and their match with demand

I have the significant substantive expertise in:

  • health and human services, e.g. homelessness, substance treatment, vocational training, employment readiness, offending behavior and carceral programs
  • community engagement
  • alternative curricular and engagement or re-engagement with learning environments
  • the assessment and recording of soft skills and distance traveled, personal portfolios and action planning
  • academics and research engineers and scientists and their engagement with their communities

There are a number of overlaps between consultancy and other skills sets, such as coaching, evaluation, training, research, critical and creative thinking and problem solving.  Using several skill sets can create a more effective and efficient package for the client.

Where are you leading from ? How do others show up as leaders within your organization ?

Co-Active Leadership Model